Friday, February 8, 2008

My First Ever Anti-Privacy Move: My First Personal Post

I really never thought I could start blogging. I was a person who was deeply concerned for my online privacy. I always thought bloggers are never given the basic rights that they deserve. I hated the way Yahoo handed over information about a Chinese blogger to Chinese law enforcement agencies just for raising his voice against some of the policies of his government. Now, that for me, is gross violation of basic human rights. Okay, then maybe I thought I will start blogging using neither my real name nor that of my acquaintances. But, having said all that, this blog is under my real name. Speaking of names, I always loved to have an alias on the net. U know, I always wanted to be a person involved in hacktivism and the very thought that all those famous hactivism members had an alias on the cyberworld and many had successfully managed to conceal their real identity, made me want to be like one of them, known to the rest of the world by some other alias. I had even once dreamt of me becoming so famous a hactivism member that people had nothing to do but to talk about me and my alias everywhere on the cyberspace; google searching my alias would yield thousands of results; the media was desperate to reveal my real identity but to no avail; my alias dominated the online news columns, the magazines, the press; I became the folklore. Those were the dreams I had as a thirteen year old. Let me tell you, I have changed a lot since then, a lot mature to be honest. Now that I am nearly 20 I know, I had been changing a lot through the years. Books, cricket and science were my only passion a long way back. Apart from a few programs that had captured my imagination, I never used to watch the idiot box. But surprisingly I had this passion for cricket. I used to play it quite well. I looked stronger than what I really am or was, while playing cricket. Moving on to the books part, I really loved them. Its hard denying that. I loved them much more than what I do now. They always gave me company wherever I go. Even though I had read a lot of comic books, I loved science books just as well. Its always said most parents hate children's critical curiosity (nagging doubts). Maybe I realised that much before than normal and I resorted to books to find my answers. Another reason for that was maybe due to the fact that I felt I wasn't always getting the truth out of my parents.

I was always intrigued by the space and the heavenly bodies. I started reading about them much more to satisfy my child curiosity. Thereby I learnt of Galileo and his telescopes. I hardly could wait to make one. I had this binoculars of mine which was seemingly very old and thought was of no use to anyone. I opened it up using the screw driver which at the instant of opening I didn't know that the tool was really called star screw driver. I was amazed at the stuff I found inside. It was enough to keep me busy for another few months. By then I had forgot about the space and the heavenly bodies which I had so much gazed at. I was looking into this thing I had just opened. A number of lenses!! Just the things I was looking for.

I stop here. I feel very sleepy. Gonna hit the bed now. I will tell you the rest when I am in the right mood. And I am afraid that wont happen in a long time to come. Lets hope so, if whatever you have read is boring. Maybe I need a bit more experience of blogging one life away. If no, then wait for my second post. People consider personal blogs as works of precious art event though most of them know that their blogs haven't got many readers.


mystical me said...

hehe....njoyed reading..eagerly w8ing for d next sequel to release..[:D]...nerdo...lolz...

aishu alex said...

nice.. i'll keep bwn.. wat did u do wid d lenses???