Friday, February 8, 2008

Part 2: The Obligation

So, I thought I might take a long time to get back the right mood I had the other day. But here I am with the right set of moods. And if you are interested in reading further, you may. Else you are always welcome to comment on my blog and tell me what I lack in here. Its been a few days since I stopped. And I lost all the continuity. So where am I? yeah, I am with my lenses. And yes, I found some triangular shaped stuff too. I did not know what those were. I thought books would provide me with right answers I was looking for. I was always a person who wanted to learn things by myself. I hated when others tell me how to. And i now think that feeling always had its own benefits. I was lucky I was at my ancestral place when my curiosity opened the field glasses(binoculars) because it had a lot of books. It was a massive collection. They used to love books so much. And one of my uncles was a scientist himself and he was responsible for this mega collection of books. He wanted his children to be like him one day and he bought another load for them it seemed. When those children grew big he dumped all the old books in here, where I am now. Mind you, my uncle is much older to me now and so are his children. So I started searching for the book which I hoped would give me the answers. I knew from past experiences that the book had to have "Physics" somewhere in its title. I got hold of one and found out those triangular stuff were called prisms and can be used to split white light into seven colours. But having taken those out, I really found no good use of them apart from being able to see the seven colours on a white screen placed a little away. Those colours were overlapping each other and produced no good rainbow disguise. So left those things alone. But I had one important thing left to do before I can lose interest in it. I had to assemble back what I had disassembled. Now that was easy as I thought. But unfortunately on my way back from the rainbow experiment I further disassembled one of those prisms. My butter fingers dropped it on to the hard floor and broke what had been lying safe and sound inside the field glasses for seemingly many a year and again seemingly of no use to anyone. But my 'seeming' thought was proved wrong when I had the blast of my life from my Dad. I fell under the obligation that I would never open anything without his permission, an obligation that stands even today.

Sleepy again. So have I improved? I don't know. You should be the one who should be telling that. You might see the next post in a few days. See you soon.


mystical me said...

improved???? a tiny bit i guess...lolz...still d nerdo..

aishu alex said...

hmmm quite good,, keep blabberin... as pitts said.. u sound even more lik a nerd!!!stuk wid lenses.. lol